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Bronchiectasis video

Bronchiectasis video

What is bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis is a rare disorder which affects the Iungs.

The bronchial tubes become enlarged and distended forming pockets where infection may gather.

The lung’s complex cleaning system does not work effectively because the walls of bronchial tubes are damaged.

The tiny hairs, which line the bronchial tubes and sweep them free of dust, germs and excess mucus - are destroyed.

Dust, mucus and bacteria accumulate in the widened airway. Infection develops and is difficult to remove.

We are not going to go here into details of why, when, how does it happen and what to expect... You can find it all in our section

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All those articles are well written by professionals and will provide you with the very important information about bronchiectasis. I will also try to avoid the scary medical terminology and simplify things we talk about using primitive pictures.

I hope it will help you to see the importance of every section on our website.


BLF online surgery on Bronchiectasis hosted by Michael Loebinger, a Respiratory Consultant from Royal Brompton Hospital:


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